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                                                   Pura Tanah Lot is great temple The most well-known for self-employed, many visitors
                                                   come to this temple to see natural beauty that was there. A temple founded upon a rock
                                                   which are separate from the main island,although the distance is only ranging from
                                                   50m only, but when the tidal waves and rising sea water, the beauty of the temple is a
                                                   new look, like a boat that floats above the ocean waves. The history of this island could
                                                   not be separated from its founder Danghyang Nirarta ie, a receipt baghawan and magic
                                                   that comes from the Majapahit kingdom. She is known for spreading the teachings of
                                                   Hinduism to Bali or known as "Dharma Yatra". She first came to Bali until the hair Siwi,
and while there, arrive - arrived he saw the holy ray of light that comes from the south east, so he was looking at
the light. And it turned out the light coming from a spring. And he also found a very beautiful place which he named
"Gili Beo" which means rock. And he began to meditate on the place and start the Hindu religion spread among the
population which was still monotheism. Occupy an area he named the village Beraban & controlled by a powerful
leader named Bendesa Beraban Sakti. And since Resi Danghyang Nirarta asking villagers to embrace the leader of
the Hindu religion finally angry and try to expel this baghawan. The sage who does not want a bloodbath finally
protect themselves by moving into a sea of rocky soil and it makes protection by creating a lot of snakes from the
shawl. Seeing the magic of the baghawan, Bendesa Beraban Sakti eventually relented and became a faithful
follower Danghyang Nirarta. And even spread the Hindu religion come to the village - the other villages as well. And
before leaving the village he left behind a legacy in the form of keris deberi name "Jaramenara / New Ki Elephant
" and the coral island where he was protecting himself he named "Central Lot 'which means land in the middle
Beach. para people respect him eventually build a temple that is now known as the Great Temple of Tanah Lot.
And if you come to this place you'll find an interesting natural phenomenon whereby under the foot of the temple is
surrounded by the sea with the salty airnnya, there springs a fresh taste, and never dry even during the dry season.
Sacred springs found in the Resi Danghyang Nirarta this is sacred by followers of Hindu religion and every visitor
can also ask the water by way of washing her face in Tanah Lot or the drinking water was refreshing & the snake -
a snake that had to protect the sage remained there until now & is believed to protect the land lots.
U can also touch the sacred snake's body guard Tanah Lot, which is maintained in the lock by the
local indigenous stakeholders.